Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Kycon, Inc

Just going to take a post to mention this company. In case you didn't know, some electronics suppliers like to send out samples for the "publicity", in the hopes that you'll remember their product and use it in your next big project.

Anyway, these guys were pretty great. I put in a request on Sunday for a couple connectors. To leave it cheap, I asked for regular ground shipping. But in Canada, they don't seem to offer that, so they automatically upgraded to some kind of two-night express shipping for free! So I got the parts in less than two days, and they seem pretty good quality. Yep, so this post is just my way to make some publicity for them.

Now, what did I get this for? Well, that's a different post...

Edit: I just noticed a couple connectors on our test boards are Kycon, too.

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