Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Fun at the GSoC Mentors Summit

Last weekend was the GSoC Mentors Summit. As a mentor for the Pidgin, Finch and libpurple project, I attended for the first time this year.

It was pretty interesting and a lot of fun, but I have to say I didn't really feel like much of a geek there! Everyone's either got an iPhone or a Droid, and they've all done awesome stuff. Can you say you've worked on WordPress, used by millions of websites, or Apache, serving even more websites, or RTEMS, running several space exploration instruments and other consumer products, or who knows what else?

Nevertheless, it wasn't like I was totally unknown. There were quite a few people who use Pidgin, even one or two using Finch. Oh, and some Mac users using Adium (using libpurple), too.

The flight was fine, but the weather was a bit disappointed. It would have been nicer to explore a bit more, but at least I got to eat a ton of chocolate. I'll try and write a longer re-cap later.


fahhem said...

If anyone there had a Palm Pre/Pixi they would have also been using libpurple to run the builtin messaging app.

Sebastian said...

the pidgin website says 2.7.7 but that's not in the PPA. Would be great if one could actually get the software you're posting/writing about on the website. Pidgin rocks, and kicks Empathy's butt, but the PPA is a bit neglected sometimes

QuLogic said...

fahhem: True, though I'm not sure if I saw any Palms. They're all fancy phones, either way!

Sebastian: I don't use Ubuntu, so I can't really help with the PPA, and our developer who does must be busy at the moment.